First Stage

Operations begin! The product is introduced on the market, cooperative efforts are expanded, and your first sales are posted.



General Terms and Conditions

Whether your business is based online or not, you will be negotiating and signing a large number of similar contracts, so it’s quite smart to develop and use general terms and conditions. But simply having a set of general terms and conditions is still a far cry from making them a part of the contracts your company enters into. And if you are dealing with consumers, then there are a number of compulsory rules and regulations to take into account when crafting terms and conditions, especially since certain formulations are not even legally binding when it comes to consumers.


The opportunities available to you online as a business may be limitless, but this is not the technological equivalent of the lawless Wild West. Just the opposite: there are quite a few regulations that you must adhere to if you are looking to establish yourself as an online provider of goods or services. These range from responsibilities regarding your “duty to inform” and special provisions related to the operation of an online store, to the use of data in general. Issues related to trademark may even arise when registering your domain, and photographs on your website will most likely be protected by copyrights.


No young entrepreneur can get far without advertising and marketing, but watch out for pitfalls! As enticing as it may be, for example, to use someone else’s words in your advertising, imply that your product already has a leading global market position, or to choose a highly complex logo, there are numerous legal regulations and constraints to consider when designing an effective and legally-compliant marketing campaign. If you stray outside of the lines of what’s acceptable, you may find yourself receiving an injunction to cease and desist or even be liable for damages.

Customers and Suppliers

Many legal disputes with customers or suppliers are the result of poor communication. We can advise you on what to pay attention to when it comes to placing orders and carrying out your normal business activities. We can furthermore provide you with an overview of your responsibilities as a business owner with regards to your customers and suppliers.